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Amalaki Tablet

  • Amalaki tablets are made from Amla or the “Indian gooseberry”. It is a rich source of Vitamin C which reduces the risk of chronic health conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. It is a great supplement for improving both physical and mental health.
  • Amalaki has been used for years as a rejuvenating tonic in traditional ayurveda and is extremely effective in treating many ailments, including relieving symptoms of indigestion and inflammation.
  • Dwibashi’s Amalaki Tablet is the best Amalaki Tablet online as it is made from the best natural ingredients with no additives.


  • Boosts immunity
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boosts eyesight
  • Strengthens liver, kidneys and heart
  • Enhances brain functions
  • Improves memory

How To Use:

Take one tablet daily with water or as directed by your physician.

60 Tab - 500mg

Rs. 200

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