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Tulasi Tablets

  • We are proud to present Tulasi Tablets, a trusted Ayurvedic remedy celebrated for its efficacy in alleviating cough and cold symptoms. Our Tulasi Tablets are meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and the highest quality natural ingredients, guaranteeing their effectiveness and authenticity. We believe in the power of Ayurveda to provide holistic solutions for your well-being.


  • Cough Relief: Tulasi Tablets help soothe the throat and reduce coughing.
  • Cold Alleviation: Effective in relieving symptoms of the common cold, such as congestion and runny nose.
  • Respiratory Health: Supports overall respiratory wellness, helping to maintain clear and healthy airways.
  • Immunity Booster: Strengthens the immune system, aiding the body in fighting off infections.
  • Holistic Well-being: By addressing respiratory issues, Tulasi Tablets contribute to overall well-being and balance in the body.
  • Experience the natural benefits of Tulasi Tablets and embrace a healthier way to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

How To Use:

Take one tablet twice daily with warm water, or as directed by an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Tabs 60 - 500 mg

Rs. 200

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