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What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is originally a Sanskrit term derived from two words which have separate powerful meanings. Ayur is a Sanskrit term for “life”. Veda on the other hand means Knowledge. Actually in Sanskrit it means Sacred Knowledge. Ayurveda, thus means “knowledge of life.” In Ayurvedic science a person is believed to be made up of five basic elements from the Universe: Space, Air, Fire, Water and the Earth. These combine to form the human body and embody the three energies, known in Sanskrit as Vata, Pitta and Kapha; Vata meaning space and air, Pitta - the fire and water and Kapha - water and earth.

It is the imbalances of these energies that lead to sickness. Hence the Science of Ayurveda seeks to maintain a balance of these energies through a healthy lifestyle and diet. The ancient texts of Ayurveda classify these energies of human body into antagonistic pairs. While imbalances in these pairs lead to disease, Ayurveda applies the opposite to restore the balance.Thus Ayurveda is treatment to ailing human body caused by certain imbalances through application of appropriate balance restoring energy.

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Ayurveda is practised for a healthy life. An Ayurvedic practitioner diagnoses ailments based on the cause of such ailment and prepares a treatment plan that is specifically designed for a particular individual. Ayurveda takes into account the unique physical and emotional build up of an individual and seeks to restore any imbalances that might be causing the ailments through natural treatment.

Natural treatment may include application of natural oil extracts, herbs and massage among other things. The aim is to cleanse accumulated toxins from within the cells and tissues and restore balance within the body

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Hair and Skin face the ravages of climate day in and day out. Not only the climate but also the inevitable aging and hormones play rough on your hair and skin; add to that the stress of daily life; sometimes trauma, autoimmune disorders, prescription drugs and more. Fortunately Ayurveda has answers to many of the common problems pertaining to hair and skin care. Ayurveda recognizes scores of associated issues and has guidelines and treatments for these. Ayurveda classifies healthy hair types based on their innate properties from being relatively thin to moderately thick and lustrous to strong coarse and wavy thick. Ayurvedic approach to hair care is to keep the inherent nature of hair and enhance its properties through best natural treatment.

Ayurveda also classifies skin types that are dry, thin and easily dehydrated to warm, photosensitive and less tolerant to spicy foods to those prone to freckles and moles. Ayurveda recognizes these various types of skins and their problems. It thus prescribes different treatment for them; those that are best suited for a particular type.


Live in harmony with nature; Let your body be in tune with the positive vibes of morning sunshine and the warmth of afternoon breeze. Let the cool dusk soothe your senses and relax your mind. Indeed it is now more than necessary to give your body a natural way to remain healthy.

Ayurveda brings a wealth of knowledge regarding body care!

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Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic Products


Ayurveda brings with itself a vast ocean of knowledge for the well being of Mother and Child. The onset of motherhood is a delicate phase of life and extreme care is required for keeping a mother healthy while also ensuring the baby to be healthy likewise. Ayurveda is an excellent addition to the medical care provided by doctors and midwives.

Ayurveda supplements for the physical and emotional needs of the mother and her baby.

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