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Dwibhashi Herbal & Ayurveda Products

Bring you the best of nature's bounty since 1987


For over 30 years, Dwibhashi Herbal and Ayurvedic products have provided health and healing to thousands of people. During this time, Dwibhashi bouquet of products, which include well-known names such as Madiphala Rasayanam, Mandara Tailam (our flagship product), and our popular Special Omu Water, have become synonyms for quality, especially in South India.

This quality has not come about by accident. Since its very inception, Dwibhashi has maintained an unyielding focus on quality, always putting the interests of its customers first, over and above everything else.This focus on quality has its roots in the early history of the company.

The Dwibhashi company is the brainchild of renowned Ayurveda doctor Dr Dwibhashi Bapanna Panthulu. Dr Dwibhashi, affectionately called DBPS by his friends, established the company with one manufacturing plant in Anantapur in the month of June, 1987. DBPS’s vision was to create natural, earth-based herbal and Ayurvedic products that would become benchmarks in quality. This vision led him to implement stringent manufacturing processes and quality standards - standards which he supervised personally, monitoring not only the quality of the raw material but also the quality of the finished product.

Thanks to this single-minded emphasis on quality, the products garnered a lot of goodwill and the company, which began as a small-scale unit, grew by leaps and bounds, achieving several milestones along the way. Within a year of its inception, Dwibhashi products began to be sold in Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana. In 2005, in recognition of its quality management processes, the company received gP certification. Today, Dwibhashi products are well-known across South India and available for sale in many parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The quality of Dwibhashi products are supported by an ambitious marketing strategy. The company is currently under the leadership of DBPS’s son Mr D Venkat Rao, whose vision is to expand the distributorship network and bring Dwibhashi’s renowned products to the relief and aid of people all over India.

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Buy Ayurvedic Products Online


Quality is the most important factor in our business. We adhere to strict quality and ethical principles in everything we do—as professionals, as colleagues, and as corporate citizens. Our reputation, based on our high standards of quality, is invaluable to us.

The infrastructural set up of our company is perfectly organized and systematically managed. We have several departments specializing in various aspects of the manufacturing process. Each department is equipped with state-of-the-art machines which not only improve our production capacity and annual turnover but also help us maintain quality.


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Buy Ayurvedic Products Online



Mr. Rama Rao Vedula is a businessman who has had extensive experience in corporate management and marketing. He has held executive positions with MNCs like Hindustan Unilever, RPG Group, Landmark Group, Britannia Industries, Next Retail, Subhiksha Supermarkets, and the list goes on! With an experience of over two and a half decade in consumer goods business, he is appropriately placed to steer Dwibhashi along the path of rapid growth.

His specialities are Strategic & Tactical Planning, Strategic Alliances, Distribution Management, Environment Management and more. Working very closely with the Founder Mr. Dwibhashi, he has implemented various marketing strategies to improve sales and establish the brand in the market.



Mr. Venkat Rao Dwibhashi is a champion of health and well-being of mankind. It is his passion to revive the age old technique of Indian ayurvedic healing and bring the goodness of Ayurveda into new and innovative herbal based personal care and OTC products.

Mr. Venkat Rao has successfully introduced world class products like herbal based Shampoo and soaps with a marquee brand - “Smara”. His Management & Leadership acumen has set the Vision and Mission of the company to expand its horizons, way back in the time when he worked with his father late Dr. Dwibhashi Bapanna Panthulu. Along with Mr. Rama Rao, he established DBANPL in 2017 to expand and achieve organic growth for a new market. He provides leadership in the areas of product development, Manufacturing, Quality management systems & Procurement.

Buy Ayurvedic Products Online


We have always sought to be a quality-driven company, where the quality of our products alone drives our growth and success. Integrity is fundamental to our business. We are strongly committed to the moral and ethical values in our business with customers, vendors, business partners and all the people associated with our business.

We always keep our ears open to listen to any feedback from our customers as we believe that it is an opportunity for us in developing the right kind of products suitable for our customers. We encourage feedback from our customers as it helps us address the complex requirements of our customers through our products.


Our relationship with all our suppliers, franchises, and everyone associated in the growth and success of our organization talks about our spirit of partnership. We value, trust and support all our stakeholders.

Our Vision is to become the most trusted and valued brand of Ayurvedic products, which bring a positive change to the health and lifestyle of every individual in every household.