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  • Introducing Dwibhashi's Saffron, a premium addition to your wellness routine. Harvested with care, this saffron is a testament to purity and quality.
  • Dwibashi’s Saffron, is the best Saffron online as it is made from the best natural ingredients with no additives.


  • Holistic Wellness: Enhance overall well-being with the potent properties of saffron, known in Ayurveda for its holistic benefits.
  • Mood Elevation: Experience a natural lift in mood and reduction in stress, thanks to saffron's mood-regulating properties.
  • Radiant Skin: Saffron is renowned for promoting a healthy complexion and a natural glow, contributing to radiant skin.
  • Digestive Support: Aid digestion and maintain a healthy digestive system with the digestive properties of saffron.

How To Use:

Culinary Delight: Add a pinch of Dwibhashi Saffron to your favorite dishes, enriching both flavor and nutritional value.

Herbal Tea: Infuse your tea with the goodness of saffron for a soothing and aromatic beverage.

Facial Mask: Create a rejuvenating face mask by mixing saffron with natural ingredients for a spa-like experience.

Golden Milk: Enhance your bedtime routine by adding saffron to warm milk, promoting relaxation and quality sleep.

Elevate your Ayurvedic journey with Dwibhashi's Saffron – a treasure trove of wellness in every strand.

0.5 GM

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1 GM

Rs. 360

0.5 GM (0.5gm*20pkts)

Rs. 3600

1 GM (1gm*24pkts)

Rs. 8640

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